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US English Voiceover (American English Voiceovers)

Storytelling Voiceovers (Narration)

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Storytelling voiceover - Requirements

Storytelling voiceovers generally require acting skills, the ability to convey feeling and meaning, and sometimes it also requires character voices. The voice talent must be a voice actor as well, and a "regular" voice talent who records promotional videos or tutorials may not meet this requirement. A good storytelling voice actor makes the story come alive, so that the listeners take an interest in the story and won't be able to stop listening!

This type of voiceover is mainly used for mobile applications (apps) and audiobooks. If the voiceover is meant for an app, it will usually need to be split into multiple files (and you will need to ask the app developer what the technical requirements are, including files names and format). If the voiceover is for an audiobook, then a special format is sometimes needed (and you need to ask the publisher about this).


Why order from me?

I have extensive experience in recording stories for children's apps. I have acquired experience in voice acting, while dubbing animated shows, dramas, comedies and more.

Please note that I only record short stories, and I do not record full length audiobooks.



Hear a vocal style you like? Contact me, tell me which demo you like, and we'll start the recording process!


Children's Audiobook


Children's Audiobook


US English Voiceover (American English Voiceovers)

US English Voiceover (American English Voiceovers)

US English Voiceover (American English Voiceovers)

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