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US English Voiceover (American English Voiceovers)

Real Estate Voiceovers

Real Estate voiceover - What is it?

A real state video presents a real estate project, with the aim of selling units in the project. Such videos almost always include voiceover.



In real estate voiceover, the voice must reflect the feel of the real estate project—exciting, exotic, posh, high-quality, upscale, etc.

Real estate voiceover can be feminine or masculine - it all depends on your preferences - but usually female voices are suitable for elegant projects.

In order for me to know which style of voiceover is suitable for your project, let me know what your vision for the project is. If you have a rough draft of the video ready, send it to me along with the script. I will record a short demo of your script that reflects your vision. I will continue to record demos until we reach the exact style you are looking for, and only then will I record the voiceover in its entirety.



Read some useful tips for improving your promotional voiceover, including real estate voiceovers!



Hear a vocal style you like? Contact me, tell me which demo you like, and we'll start the recording process!


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US English Voiceover (American English Voiceovers)

US English Voiceover (American English Voiceovers)

US English Voiceover (American English Voiceovers)

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