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US English Voiceover (American English Voiceovers)

Animation & Video Game Voiceovers

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Animation voiceover - What are the requirements?

A voice talent who plays an animated character MUST also be a voice ACTOR (and not only a voice talent who records dry tutorials and videos). Only a voice actor can imbue a character with life.


Why order from me?

Besides being a professional voice talent, I am also a voice actor with years of experience. I have voiced characters in video games, movies, TV shows, children’s stories, promotional videos and mobile apps, and even children’s toys and stuffed animals.


What do you need to send me, to help me voice the character correctly?

If you have a character you want voiced, send me a picture of the character and a description of the character’s personality, along with the script. If you know what you want the character to sound like, send that information, as well. These are important elements needed to create a voice for a character. After receiving the material, I will send you demos, so you can pick the voice you like for the project.



Hear a vocal style you like? Contact me, tell me which demo you like, and we'll start the recording process!



Cartoon Voiceover (Tori)


Cartoon Voiceover (ALL Voices)

Animation: Asimetrit


Lip Sync of Mother Bear



US English Voiceover (American English Voiceovers)

US English Voiceover (American English Voiceovers)

US English Voiceover (American English Voiceovers)

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