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Beauty & Health Voiceovers

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Beauty & Health voiceover - Requirements

Beauty videos often describe cosmetics and aesthetic treatments, and therefore require a soft, feminine, glamorous, or even sexy voiceover. As such, they are almost always recorded by female voice talents and rarely by men. The reason for this is that the video's target audience is women - and it is recommended to speak to your audience in a voice they can identify with - a female voice. (For example, a video for aftershave will usually be recorded by a man, but a tampon commercial will be voiced by a woman. Note that these examples are of health videos. See the next point.)

Health videos may provide information about vitamins, supplements, etc, and therefore require a refreshing, confident, and happy tone. These types of videos are recorded by both male and female voice talents.



This type of voiceover is a subcategory of promotional voiceover, so it's recommended to read some useful tips on how to maximize promotional voiceovers, including beauty & health voiceovers.



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US English Voiceover (American English Voiceovers)

US English Voiceover (American English Voiceovers)

US English Voiceover (American English Voiceovers)

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