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US English Voiceover (American English Voiceovers)

Professional US English Voiceovers:
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American Voiceover That Enhances Your Project

US English Voiceover

You have a project that requires professional voiceover in American (US) English, and you want it to sound just right: with expert voiceover, the perfect tone and pace, and high-quality audio.

I'm Victoria Feinerman, an experienced and professional American voice actor, whose voice has enhanced thousands of projects around the globe. My voice will help you reach an international audience via English-language videos, and thereby acquire clients and/or investors worldwide.

  • Accent-neutral US English, mother tongue
    Accent-neutral American English is the most in-demand language and accent for voiceover, and it will enable you to sell your product or services to customers worldwide.
  • Professional recording studio with excellent audio quality
    My well-equipped home voiceover studio includes everything needed to record your project, edit the audio, time it to an existing video, etc, and deliver you a high-quality product.
  • A variety of voiceover styles to choose from
    Formal, friendly, professional, conversational, soft, young, and more. You don't need a whole voice talent database or voiceover bank - you only need one voice talent with the voice and the ability to give you what you need!
  • Extensive experience in all types of voiceover
    From promotional videos, tutorials, and documentaries — to mobile apps, hi-tech, and medical narrations — to animation, toys, and storytelling — I have recorded them all. In fact, this site includes 17 categories of demos!
  • Boutique hi-tech voiceover service
    In addition to standard projects, I also offer a boutique voiceover service for the hi-tech industry that ensures your project will come out perfectly: with all technical terms pronounced correctly and in a natural and confident tone.
  • Fair and modular rates
    Often, voiceover rates include a round or two of recuts (changes). In other words, you pay for the recuts whether you need them or not. By dividing the price up into the initial recording and the recording of recuts, I enable you to pay only for what you need, thereby saving you money.
  • Dedicated, professional service
    I don't "just" deliver a professional recording, I do my best to provide great service, as well. I care about your satisfaction with my work, and I do my best to provide you with fast turnaround (usually within one business day).
  • Voiced thousands of projects worldwide since 2001
    Click here to meet a few of my clients. I'm sure many are familiar to you.
  • IVO founder and WoVO member
    As the founder of the Israel Voiceover Organization (IVO) and a member of the World Voices Organization (WoVO), I am dedicated to upholding a set of high ethical and professional standards.

Israel Voiceover Organization Member   World Voices Organization Member


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Selection of Voiceover Demos

Want to hear more examples? You can watch or listen to 17 different categories of US English voiceover work I've recorded!

Or contact me and get a free, no-obligation demo of your script!

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Send me an email with your script attached and receive a no-obligation price quote and demo.




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About the Studio's Services

voiceover microphone at Victoria's Voice studio

I'm Victoria Feinerman, and I have been providing accent-neutral US English voice over services for all purposes, since 2001.

English voiceover enables you to reach a global audience via English-language videos, thereby enabling you to acquire clients or investors from all around the world.

As a professional voice talent, I have experience in all types of voiceover: promotional videos, tutorials, e-learning, mobile apps, telephone systems, product videos, fundraising videos, storytelling and more.

My verstility as a voice talent enables you to choose from a variety of styles: whether you are looking for a soft, soothing atmosphere; a direct, businesslike tone; or a fun, free vibe, I can lend your project the perfect voice.

I also provide all of the following services under the same roof:

  • Audio recording and editing
    I record all voiceovers at my top-notch home studio, which contains professional equipment and produces excellent audio. I also edit the audio.
  • Language editing and translation
    I will edit and polish your script, so you put your best face forward. In addition, I translate Hebrew scripts into English.
  • Synchronization of voiceover with video
    If you need to replace the existing voiceover in your video, I will synchronize the new voiceover according to the old one, so there is no need to change the video.

In addition to standard projects, I offer a boutique voice over service for the hi-tech industry, specifically e-learning. Due to my background as a technical writer, I am not daunted by technical jargon and will deliver your complex technical text with comprehension and ease. Since I understand your text, I am able to read it convincingly. Furthermore, technical terms will be pronounced correctly.

As I work efficiently, turnaround is quick: Most projects will be ready within 24 hours!

I have lent my voice to countless projects. My client base is in the hundreds, and my project count is in the thousands.


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US English Voiceover (American English Voiceovers)

US English Voiceover (American English Voiceovers)

US English Voiceover (American English Voiceovers)

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